Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Casey Anthony trial to begin with opening statements today

There are no witnesses and no confession, so the trial of Casey Anthony will likely focus on forensic evidence when it begins Tuesday in Florida. Opening statements are set for today following a marathon 11 days of jury selection.

Jurors were picked outside of Orlando because of publicity surrounding the case, and they will be sequestered for the expected two-month trial.

Casey Anthony is charged with first-degree murder in her daughter's death. If convicted, she could be sentenced to death. She also is charged with aggravated child abuse, aggravated manslaughter of a child and providing false information to law enforcement.

She has pleaded not guilty and has said a babysitter kidnapped Caylee.

According to CBS affiliate WKMG, both prosecutors and defense lawyers plan to bring in a host of expert witnesses to try to buttress their cases.

Each side will get between 90 minutes and two hours for opening statements.

WKMG reports that analysts think Anthony's defense may say Caylee's death was accidental during opening statements, a move that could drastically shorten the trial. The state wouldn't need to spend days proving that a body had been in Anthony's trunk if the defense admits to that during opening statements.

Modern Warfare 3 trailer

Just moments ago, we showed you the very first gameplay teaser trailer for Modern Warfare 3 and with it, a chance to see how good the game looks compared to the likes of Call of Duty: Black Ops and of course Modern Warfare 2. Now that you have seen it, we want to know your specific opinions on the graphics featured in the game.

Consider this the first mini analysis of what is set to become a full on slugfest, on which graphics look better between Modern Warfare 3, and EA’s excellent looking Battlefield 3 game, as for the first time – both titles will be released in the same month so it’s going to be a head-to-head battle between Activision and EA to grab your money.

After watching those epic Battlefield 3 gameplay videos demonstrating the new Frostbite 2.0 engine, yeah we all thought ‘ok, Battlefield 3 is going to be the clear winner here hands down’, but after watching the MW3 debut trailer, you may not be so sure any more.

The visuals are actually very impressive, and as we mentioned in our earlier article, the graphics are definitely a step up from those seen in Modern Warfare 3. We can’t really talk about Black Ops here, since that was developed by Treyarch, not Infinity Ward remember.

Monday, May 23, 2011



lol some of the best stuff you'll ever see

Minecraft, a great game

This video is a great review of minecraft: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iMW5HggSNC4

Many people have asked me, “So, what’s the point of Minecraft?” and then I tell them, “Well, here’s the thing. There is no point.” Some people take that in stride, others can’t comprehend a game not having a goal to work toward. Minecraft is an excellent example of sandbox gaming in its purest form. You are dropped into a randomly generated world and free to do whatever you want. There’s no end goal or structure to the game. You can build, hunt wildlife, go fight monsters, mine for minerals and rare ore or simply explore the world. Minecraft is your sandbox and how you play around in it is entirely up to you.
The simplest way of describing Minecraft’s building mechanics is “break stuff to make stuff” and that’s it. The game revolves around this simple mantra. Punching trees (yes, you read that right) gets you wood, one of the most basic resources which you’ll need to craft tools which open up even more mining and crafting opportunities. Once you get the hang of these mechanics, the possibilities for creation are nearly endless.

This also brings up a problem with Minecraft in that a huge amount of the game revolves around trial and error. The lack of structure also means there’s no hand-holding whatsoever in the beginning to ease new players into the game and those players may have no idea what to do once they start the game. In the beginning, most, if any, progress is made through experimentation. I guess it can be argued that the experimentation is part of Minecraft’s genius but for me, this was one of the biggest obstacles on the path toward enjoying the game. I had no idea how to craft tools, or even that such tools existed until, frustrated, I was directed to an external website that contained building guides on everything there is to be crafted in the game and what you’ll need to make them.


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Sunday, March 1, 2009


I haven't been working on GDI for a while, because I'm taking a break, but I found this cool new little site called pikagame where you get awarded for playing games.
I've been on it a lot lately, and it's pretty neat.